The Alexandria | Infinity Scarf

The Alexandria | Infinity Scarf

BEST SELLER! If you're looking for a gift for, say, your sister-in-law or a coworker, and you're not sure what they'll like, look no further: I've had glowing reports from people just like you, and they'll love this piece.

Sure to become a staple of your wardrobe, this exquisite silk garment will keep you looking sophisticated and stylish year round.

Undulating sea blues are lit by rivulets of gold in our Alexandria Silk. Wear it with a messy bun, jeans, and a basic tee for an afternoon trip to the coffee shop, or head to a friend's wedding with your new silk draped stylishly over your shoulders on top of a classic navy dress for a polished look.

"Beautiful scarf; colorful and so soft! I love it! All the tints of a flowing stream in the sparkling sunlight."
-Customer Review

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• 10.5" x 72" Infinity // 27 x 183 cm Infinity
• Our 8mm Habotai is a high quality, soft, floaty silk


choosing your silk

Our 8mm Habotai Silk is a high quality, soft, ethereal silk. Habotai Silk is floaty and lightweight; perfect for wearing in warm weather. 

Our 12mm Silk Satin is a thick, luxurious silk. Luscious and beautifully soft, Silk Satin shimmers in the sunlight. Perfect for year round use.

We're proud to offer these two stunning varieties of silk in our collections, each chosen for its particularly gorgeous qualities. Whichever you choose, we're sure you'll be pleased.

Curious about our different scarf sizes? Visit our FAQ for more info.