What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

If for some reason you are unhappy with your order, please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll do our best to address your concerns. Returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery. Exchanges are accepted within 30 days of delivery. Buyer covers all shipping costs associated with returns & exchanges. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or exchanges on custom orders or sale items.

What's the difference between Silk Satin and Habotai Silk?

Here at East Street Hive, we're proud to offer two different weights of silk to suit all needs and seasons. Each scarf sold here falls into one of two categories: Silk Satin or Habotai Silk. Our Habotai Silk is a soft, lightweight, floaty silk. It's thinner than our Silk Satin, which makes it a perfect choice for those who don't want a lot of bulk around their neck and shoulders, as well as for warm weather wear. Habotai Silk is less expensive than Silk Satin, so you can give someone you love a beautifully handmade gift while staying within budget. It's woven to look the same on both sides so you don't have to worry about accidentally putting it on inside out. Our dye process takes beautifully to Habotai Silk, giving the textures intricate detail and highlighting their botanical nature. Our Habotai Silk comes in the following sizes: Skinny, Neck, and Infinity. Our Silk Satin is a thick, luxurious, shining silk. Rich and lovely, Silk Satin can comfortably be worn year round: in the summer, it will wick away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry, and in the winter, it's an extra layer of warmth (What? Both cool and warm? You bet. After working so closely with silk for so many years, I can attest that it is a magical thing). Silk Satin is woven to have a front and a back, which means that the front is extra shiny, soft, and incredible to touch. The textures and details created by our dye process are beautifully softened by Silk Satin, giving the silk a painterly effect; it's like wearing a Monet around your neck. Our Silk Satin comes in the following sizes: Skinny, Neck, and Extra Wide.

What do "8mm" and "12mm" mean?

In our listings, you'll notice scarves come in one of two types of silk: 8mm Habotai Silk and 12mm Silk Satin. "Mm" is short for momme (pronounced "mommy"), which is the term used to describe the weight of a silk. Specifically, it describes how heavy a piece of silk measuring 45 inches by 300 feet is in pounds. So, a piece of our 8mm Habotai Silk measuring 45" x 300' would weigh 8 pounds, and our 12mm Silk Satin in the same size would weigh 12 pounds. Momme does not necessarily designate the thickness of silk, but a higher momme does mean a heavier, denser silk. To get mathy, a Silk Satin scarf in our Skinny size would weigh 1.33x as much as a Habotai Silk scarf in the same size. Knowing your momme is helpful for picking out a scarf for yourself or a friend. Do you want something lightweight to wear in the summertime? Go for a Habotai Silk scarf. Looking for a piece that's thicker and more luxurious? Pick your favorite from our Silk Satin collection.

Do you ship internationally?

Definitely! We wouldn't want to deprive our overseas friends of our lovely silken goods. :) We charge for international shipping, but shipping within the USA is always free.

What's the difference between all various scarf sizes?

East Street Hive is happy to offer several sizes of silkwear so you can get exactly what you want. We currently carry Skinny, Neck, Infinity, and Extra Wide Scarves. Here's a breakdown of exactly how big each of those are: Skinny Scarves: 8" x 54" // 20 x 132 cm -- Our smallest size, great for wearing as a headband or in a French knot around your neck. (One gentleman we know owns one in every color so that when he officiates weddings his ascot can match the bridal party.) Neck Scarves: 14" x 72" // 36 x 183 cm -- Our average sized scarf, perfect for looping around your neck or using as a wide headband. Very popular and versatile! Infinity Scarves:
10.5" x 72" Infinity // 27 x 183 cm Infinity -- An Infinity scarf is the busy person's option: simple and beautiful, throw on and go for effortless elegance. Also referred to as a "loop" or "circle" scarf, its ends have been hemmed together to make one big loop.
Extra Wide Scarves:
20.5" x 86" // 52 x 218 cm -- Our generously large scarves can also be worn as shawls or large headwraps. Our most luxurious option, and the most versatile. Still not sure which size would be best for you? Get in touch and we'll help you figure that out.

Does my new scarf need to be dry cleaned?

No! You can hand wash everything you find in our store. For full instructions on how to care for your new silkwear, visit our Silk Care page.

How will my scarf come packaged?

Each scarf comes beautifully packaged and ready to be given as a gift (to a loved one or to you! Sometimes you've got to treat yourself, am I right?). Your silkwear will feature a decorative belly band and come wrapped in tissue and placed in a hand stamped box atop a bed of soft white fiber. Inside the box you'll also find a short story describing the city your particular scarf is named after, care instructions, and tea to enjoy while you're reading about your new piece. Each box is also hand signed by the artist (moi!). The back of the box features the details about your new scarf, including the price. If your scarf is a gift and is being shipped directly to the recipient, let us know when ordering so we can neatly remove the price. We'll also happily craft them a handwritten note to include in their package: just tell us what you'd like it to say.

How are your scarves made?

We purchase hemmed white scarves from an American based company. Each scarf comes to us completely void of any sort of dye or color. I then (you'll notice I switched from "we" to "I" here: my husband is a huge support with our small business, but dyeing is done solely by yours truly) begin the dyeing process. Each design has years of careful and meticulous planning behind it. Scarves are dyed in small batches, typically between 1 and 3 at a time. The process I use is called ice dyeing. Having studied Fiber Art in college, I fell in love specifically with dye techniques that involved a certain degree of unknowability: processes I could only control to a certain extent. Ice dyeing is such a process. Part science, part spontaneity, all beauty (well, not all beauty. The pieces you see here are the designs that turned out unbelievably stunning; many, in the beginning, did not). I use Fiber Reactive Dyes in all of the pieces you see available here in our shop. Fiber Reactive Dyes don't bleed or fade with time or multiple washings. Unlike many dyes which simply cling to the top layer of fabric (this is why the blue fades from your jeans over time), Fiber Reactive Dyes actually chemically bond with the material via covalent bonding. The only way to destroy the color is to destroy the silk itself. Ice dyeing involves the layering of ice on top of fabric-- in this case, silk. The type and amount of ice play a large role in how the designs will play out. Powder dye is then sprinkled on top of the ice; again, the amount and type of dye, along with many other factors, dictate whether the final product will be a dud or a beauty. As the ice melts, it pulls the dye down into the silk and creates intricate, exquisite textures you can't achieve with any other process. Each silk garment is delicately hand washed both before and after dyeing. It is then carefully ironed by hand and lovingly wrapped in tissue and placed in a hand stamped box atop a soft bed of white fiber. Each package contains a short story describing the city the scarf is named after, as well as tea to enjoy while you're reading about your new piece. In short, our scarves are made with expertise, with elbow grease, and most of all with love. From our home to yours. :)