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Roundup: Holly Golightly

June 12, 2018

If you've ever seen the film Breakfast at Tiffany's and dreamed of being Audrey Hepburn's character (although maybe with fewer tantrums and a bit more stability), today's the day. 


Personally, I would use the opportunity to eat chocolate croissants all day long and lounge around in fancy sleepwear, but to each her own.


In the spirit of New York in the summer, of cocktail parties and new friendships, and most of all in the spirit of Breakfast at Tiffany's, I present to you a small gathering of modern indulgences such as Holly would enjoy today. 



Enjoy a Day as Holly Golightly


Clockwise, from top left:


1. Black and Gold Marble Shower Curtain, $66. Recreate the classic shower-curtain-cum-cocktail-party-dress scene with this gorgeous marble print shower curtain. Or, go the more usual route and use it for its intended purpose. After My Art


2. Teal Silk Scarf, $79. No image of Holly Golightly or of Audrey Hepburn is complete without the iconic silk scarf. This square silk scarf in shades of teal and gold is an elegant update to a classic wardrobe staple. East Street Hive


3. Liesl Bubble Bath, $18. You simply can't end your Holly-filled day without climbing into a hot bath, preferably with bubbles. Crafted in Holly's chosen home state of New York, this floral bubble bath is just the thing. Hudson Naturals


4. Gemstone Artisan Sunglasses, $125. Along with her silk head scarf, Holly never seems to leave the house without a pair of cat eye sunglasses. These sleek wire-wrapped sunglasses feature topaz and copper alongside a deep blue shaded lens; a classic with a modern twist. Spunglasses


5. Dark Chocolate Croissants, one dozen, $28. Baked to order and shipped straight to your doorstep, these delicious Country French Croissants are made by hand and filled with rich dark chocolate. It goes without saying that they should be enjoyed while standing outside of a certain jewelry store in the wee hours of the morning…or at your kitchen counter in your PJ's at 11 AM. (No judgment here.) Chickens in the Road



Enjoy, friends!




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