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Roundup: 7 Sweet Summer Finds

June 1, 2018


The days are getting longer, warmer, and sweeter: all I can think about (and maybe it's the same for you) is the beach.


Endless afternoons spent in the sand, the sun warm on my back and a good book in my hands, the rhythm of the crashing waves that works its way even into my sleep. The sounds of my family laughing and offering to make each other sandwiches up in the condo. The one sneaky aunt who always manages to bring hidden booze down to the beach in her cooler. The huge pieces of thin, crusty boardwalk pizza. The mornings spent drinking coffee on the balcony, chatting idly and watching the ocean.


This year's beach vacation is still months away; in the meantime, I've culled together a few products to bring a bit of that beachy nostalgia to my home (and yours). Enjoy!



7 Sweet Summer Finds


Clockwise, from top left:


1. Silk Sunglasses Case, $24. A beautiful soft case for your sunglasses, dyed by hand to look like the sea. Perfect for protecting those sunnies in your beach bag. East Street Hive


2. Waterproof Surfer Bracelets, set of 6, $36. Inspired by mermaids and carefully crafted to be waterproof, this is jewelry you can wear all day long– from your morning coffee all the way through that last cocktail. Free Little Birds Co


3. Navy Canvas Beach Bag, $67. The quintessential beach bag! Big enough to fit everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach (including your illicit booze; don't worry– we won't tell). A classic, but it gets even better: you can order matching sandals. Twininas


4. Leather Sandals, $48. These stylish sandals are crafted by hand in Greece. From their website: "Our true goal is to create a delicate and durable pair of sandals which will accompany you during your life journey." ...And during a morning walk along the shore. Triskelion


5. Beach Pea Vine Seeds, $4. Bring a bit of the beach to your home! This beautiful flowering vine grows along seashores around the world, and will happily grow in your garden at home. You'll almost be able to hear the waves crashing every time you open your front door (almost). Smart Seeds Emporium


6. Sea Salt Hair Spray, 8 oz, $8. Get perfect beachy waves anytime, anywhere. This vegan friendly, cruelty free hair spray adds volume and shine to your locks so you can always look (and feel) like you just walked off the beach. Bluegrass Oils


7. Organic Sunscreen, 8 oz, $25. Made with organic non nano zinc oxide, this is an excellent alternative for those who are concerned about the ingredients in traditional sunscreens. An all around guilt-free product; this stuff smells amazing and comes from a zero waste company. I'll drink to that. Butter Me Up Organics



These products will help to tide you over (ha! get it? tide? tide you over? well, anyway...) until your own seaside adventure. Until then: stay salty, my friends.






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