our story

a bit about east street hive products.

Every one of my designs is continually refined to provide you with the most luxurious and high quality products possible.


I'm a professional artist with a degree in fiber arts and an eye for playfully refined color combinations, so you can rest assured that every piece purchased will tastefully highlight your colorful side.

Each of my pieces is accompanied by a short story about an ancient city along the Silk Road (as well as a cup of tea to enjoy while you climb into your favorite armchair to read it), making them perfect gifts for the book lovers in your life (even if that's you!).

who we are

The "we" behind East Street Hive includes myself, Deanna (hi!), and my husband, Joel (he says hi, too). We run a small fiber studio from our home in Ohio, handcrafting the silk pieces you see here. While I do the majority of the work and 100% of the fiber work (it is my business, after all), Joel is the brawn of the operation, setting up our booth at in-person events and helping with any graphic design work that needs done, among other things. I genuinely would be unable to cope with the rigors of running a small business without his support, so in that sense, this is a two person operation.

Ever the typical creative, I spent my adolescence handcrafting my own one-of-a-kind outfits, some of which even managed to look like something a human might wear. After experimenting with many different mediums in college, I eventually settled on studying fiber art: I could see a lifetime of possibilities in it (and I still do). Since getting my BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Fibers, I've spent over a decade honing my craft. Now I not only feel confident and proud to wear my own work in public (thank goodness those puberty driven creations are far behind me), but many of you do too, which is the highest compliment a person like me can receive.  

Always intrigued by creative processes that involve a good measure of spontaneity, ice dyeing-- the process I use to create all of the pieces you see here-- was a good fit. Ice dyeing involves the layering of ice and powder dye over fabric (silk, in this case). Each scarf takes about 12 hours to hand dye and then wash, iron, and package with the utmost care.

Silk has a certain shimmering quality to it when combined with ice dyeing: it dyes beautifully, with intricate patterns and delicate, iridescent colors. After years of meticulously testing a wide variety of color combinations and products, I chose and carefully curated the collection you see before you today.


Although I know, thanks to many years of study, what sort of color palette I can expect to shine through in each piece, I never know exactly how the dye will articulate in the silk. When I explain this process to my customers, I can't help but smile a big cheesy grin and rub my hands together like an evil cartoon warlord whose plans are finally coming to fruition. And when I hand wash a fresh batch of scarves, I revert back to being a three year old on Christmas morning. (Joel can attest to this. He's continuously called into the studio to admire the sight of his disheveled wife in elbow length purple rubber gloves stretching out a sopping wet scarf over her arms, exclaiming, "Look at this!")

You also may have noticed that each design is named after an ancient city along the Silk Road-- The Endere, The Byzantion, and so forth. Each palette is inspired by the colors of its namesake. For example, The Alexandria is flush with undulating blues and golds, because I dyed it to look like the light from the ancient Alexandrian lighthouse reflecting off of the waves. Every scarf comes with a short story (written by yours truly) about life in that city as it would have been, as well as a cup of tea to enjoy while you're reading about your new scarf. I strive to make the unboxing of each piece an experience of its own.

Combined with my loves of ancient history and storytelling, every piece in my silk collection holds special meaning. When you purchase one of my pieces, you support my family and enable me to continue doing what I love. I look forward to walking into my studio in the morning, knowing that I'll be spending the day happily crafting beautiful, one of a kind pieces that are a joy to make and wear. From my home to yours.