Welcome to east street hive

Here at East Street Hive, we're passionate about creating beautiful, soft silk colorscapes for you to adorn yourself with. Inspired by the connection between ancient materials and modern design, you won't find anything quite like our silks anywhere else. Learn more.


looking for a showstopping addition to your wardrobe? something passersby on the street will compliment you on?

something wonderfully unique (and shiny)?

you found it. (yippee!)


So you're walking down the street, minding your own business (as you do), and a stranger stops you and says: "Oh my goodness, I just adore your beautiful scarf! Wherever did you find such a thing?"​

(Maybe not quite that eloquently, but you get the picture.)  And you’ll smile, and thank them, and give them the following schpiel and then go on your way, your day a little brighter and your step a little peppier. (By the way, this is a real thing that happens to my customers; strangers stop them to gush over their East Street Hive silkwear.)

So here's what we're all about:

East Street Hive’s 100% silk scarves are crafted by a professional fiber artist (me!) with you in mind. Dyed by hand in small batches in my Ohio studio, every scarf is unique and rich with beautifully intricate colors and


With its gorgeous design and silk that's buttery soft, you'll find yourself making excuses to wear your new scarf everywhere (and I don't blame you. Think of the compliments! Ooh la la).

Learn more about me & the creative process behind each one of these beauties.

“I recently placed an order with Deanna at East Street Hive for Habotai Silk scarves. Although the photos of both scarves were very pretty on her website... the scarves are much more beautiful in person! The colors and patterns blend perfectly...so much so that they are two-dimensional works of art!  

Deanna was great to work with and my package arrived earlier than expected.
I will definitely order more products from her in the future!”

trish, columbus